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Steering Committee:

American Public Media:
Sarah Lutman, Senior Vice President, Content and Media
Mary Lee, Project Director, Classical Music Initiative
Lauren Dee, Project Coordinator, Classical Music Initiative

National Public Radio:
Ben Roe, Director of Music Initiatives
Dianne Brace, Deputy Director of Development

Public Radio International:
Mike Arnold, Director of Programming
Mark Kausch, Program Marketing Manager

WFMT Radio Network:
Steve Robinson, Sr. Vice President for Radio

Crossover Media:
Max Horowitz, President

Wende Persons

Music & Media Charter Sponsors:

Music & Media is made possible in part by grants from the National Endowment for the Arts
Corporation of Public Broadcasting and the Corporation of Public Broadcasting


About us


Public radio's audiences for news and information programs are experiencing phenomenal growth. At the same time, research shows that more people experience classical music on the radio than anywhere else and it is a safe assumption to believe that this is true for other forms of music. There are opportunities for audience growth which are being missed. Through rapidly emerging technologies, we have new prospects to reach, broaden and serve audiences for multiple genres of musical arts in America.

Through ongoing conferences, symposia, online support, and other initiatives, Music & Media will:

  • Provide workshops for music and culture producers
  • Foster the development of Next Generation music and new media leaders
  • Facilitate media showcases for rising talent
  • Service stations’ needs for content and community
  • Build effective collaborative business relationships for music in broadcasting and new media
  • Strengthen music formats on public radio
  • Provide ongoing access for American and global audiences to music and culture through media


In an unprecedented collaboration and with support from the National Endowment for the Arts, American Public Media, National Public Radio, Public Radio International, the WFMT Radio Network, Americans for the Arts, the Association of Music Personnel in Public Radio, the Association of Performing Arts Presenters, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Classical Public Radio Network and WCLV Seaway Productions have joined together to create a forum to foster arts and radio media partnerships, and to promote music and culture through media.


We envision Music & Media as a forum:

  • To build and broaden audiences for the musical arts in America
  • To pursue visionary new directions for music and radio in the digital age
  • For advocacy, research, and best practices in support for music and culture on radio and new media
  • To bring together like-minded individuals to discuss what the music media organization of the future might look like, and how it might serve classical music and other musical genres, audiences, artists, and communities
  • To create a mechanism for ongoing support and services for broadcasters and media producers of music and culture